Measure L is Simple: IF a corporation receives tax subsidies from the City of Anaheim THEN it must pay its workers at least $15 per hour

Large employers in the Anaheim Resort will get $330 million in tax giveaways over the next 20 years. Meanwhile workers continue to make poverty wages.



"A lot of people can't afford to buy groceries for their families. For them to thrive they need to earn a living wage."


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"Measure L will make it easier for us to provide for our families."

Measure L will raise wages to $15 per hour for an estimated 10,000 hardworking housekeepers, janitors, cooks, and other workers in the Anaheim Resort.

Measure L will cover thousands of Disney workers because of a subsidy agreement Disney has with the City of Anaheim that lasts until 2037.

Measure L will generate an estimated $140 million for our economy over the next four years. When workers earn more, everyone benefits.

Measure L will ensure workers get all the tips they earn, and employers can no longer keep them.


Opponents of Measure L are funded by a foreign hotel developer that receives millions in tax giveaways from the City of Anaheim and pays its workers poverty wages.

Don’t fall for their scare tactics and lies.